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Size Difference Characters Wiki is a catalog that collects all the non-normal size characters who are big or small (or once they were), only perfect-types and para-types. We got 50 articles and 58 images; and remember: you too can edit!!!.

About this wiki

  • This wiki was created because some users want to collect information about their favorite non-normal size characters.
  • Unlike Giantess Wiki (a main wiki), there is no strict quality control here.
    • However, if you can, try to imitate the format of articles as Eliza Mephisto (copy its code with "Classic editor" and modify the parameters according your character).
    • If your character has related articles in Giantess Wiki (or similar main wikis), you have to attach the corresponding links.
  • We know that most of Size Difference fans are fetishists. Please, avoid uploading pornographic material here.
    • You can express the erotic themes, but you will have to be very discreet, serious and modest (ie, be as implicit as possible).

Latest activity

Other related wikis

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This is a main wiki, its articles are about various topics (quality articles are warranted). It's only about GTS.


All your ideas, characters and stories can be published here with minimal restrictions!!!

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